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The Big Get together of 2010 in Brognaturo

                                               Brognaturo November 4, 2009

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Subject: The “Big Reunion” in Brognaturo , Italy in 2010

 Dear fellow Brognaturesi

 The purpose of this letter is to communicate that the Association “Brognaturo in the Heart”, together with the co-operation of all the Municipal Councilors for the town of Brognaturo , and the Organizing Committee for the Feast of for Our Lady of Consolation are planning and organizing the “Big Reunion” of 2010.  The “Big Reunion” will take place in Brognaturo , Italy from August 23rd to September 6th. 

 What does this “Big Reunion” consist of?

We are in the process of inviting everyone who is Brognaturesi or a descendent of Brognaturesi immigrants, living in all corners of the world to attend the Big Reunion.  We are trying to create a central meeting place where the sons and daughters of Brognaturo can come together with their families to either revisit their hometown or visit their ancestor’s hometown for the very first time.  The Great Reunion will be a wonderful opportunity to visit our little town of Brognaturo and to take part in planned events and festivities.  This event will provide everyone with the opportunity to connect with loved ones, family and friends, and to visit locations in the surrounding area that were part of their childhood or youth when growing up in Brognaturo, or part of their ancestors lives prior to immigration.  It will be an opportunity to meet old friends and create new friendships, and connect will fellow Brognaturesi from around the world.

 The idea of the “Big Reunion” began in the hearts of Brognaturesi, and we continue the organization with great love and devotion.  Many people welcomed the idea when they first heard about the event.   We are counting on and anticipating great participation from our fellow townspeople.  In the month of January additional information regarding the upcoming reunion, events and manifestations that will take place during the period of the reunion will be posted on our site “Brognaturo in the Heart”

  For additional information feel free to contact us by telephone, e-mail or by mail.  The required contact information is provided below in the contents of this correspondence. 

 Please accept this correspondence as a formal invitation to you, your immediate and extended family to attend the “Great Reunion” in Brognaturo in August of 2010.  Unfortunately with immigrants scattered across the globe, it is impossible to obtain everyone’s address.  We would appreciate if you could assist us by forwarding any addresses that you may have in your possession. If we have not already sent our correspondence to these individuals, we will be happy to add their names to our list and to send out this letter of invitation, once the addresses have been received. 

 For those of you, who do not have accommodations with family and friends, please be advised that our site has a list of accommodations located in the area as well as a price lists.  The accommodations include hotels, bed and breakfast, and farm holiday accommodations.   If you are planning to attend you need to contact the hotels directly and advise them that you are attending the Reunion in Brognaturo. 

At this point we are asking for everyone’s participation in the planning of the “Great Reunion” of 2010.  We are counting on and welcome everyone’s ideas and opinions.  Please send us your ideas and opinions as soon as possible. 

 Contact Information:

: info@brognaturonelcuore.it

Phone numbers:

1.          011 - 39 - 347.9128757 Daily from 13.00 to 16.00 and from 18.30 to 20.00

Domenico Giordano will answer the phone

 2.         011 – 39 - 0963-74080 on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 15.00 to 17.00

Pasquale Salerno will answer the phone


 Associazione Brognaturo Nel Cuore
Via Annunziata No. 34 
89822 Brognaturo, (VV) Italia

 We invite you to visit our web sites:

 1.  Brognaturo in the Heart          www.brognaturonelcuore.it

2   Brognaturo On Line              www.brognaturoonline.com

 P.S.  We would be grateful if you could send us any old photo’s that you may possess regarding departure, arrival and early daily life in the new country of residence.  If you are taking part in the “Great Reunion” please provide us with a list of the number of people attending from your family including their names.  This can by done be e-mail or by regular mail.  (The addresses are listed above.)

 From the bottom of our hearts a big thank you to everyone.  We look forward to seeing you in 2010.

 The Pastor                                The Mayor                     President Brognaturo in the Heart

don Francesco Timpano          Dr. Cosmo Tassone                      Dr. Domenico Giordano





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E-mail: info@brognaturoonline.com




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